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Adam and Eve: GO

Adam is about to go on another incredibly big adventure! Get ready to tag along with him in Adam and Eve: GO

This time around, he’s going to be dealing with everything from feisty felines to stinky socks! There’s also a few mischievous mammoths and cranky crocodiles that are bound to give him plenty of trouble. Will you be able to help him get past these and other obstacles in one of the most fun and hilarious Adam and Eve games yet? 

How to Play Adam and Eve: GO? 

Adam and Eve: GO is an adventure game that involves solving puzzles and coming up with solutions to various problems. Help Adam as he tries to rescue his girlfriend Eve in a prehistoric kingdom filled with danger. 

Game Controls 


  • USE THE MOUSE to search for solutions to each scenario. 
  • LEFT CLICK to make Adam move to a particular spot. 


  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to make Adam go left. 
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to make Adam go right. 

Similar Games 

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  2. World Craft 2 
  3. Adam and Eve 3

Who Developed Adam and Eve: GO? 

Adam and Eve: GO was created by Functu.

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